QWOP game

QWOP is one of the toughest running games, and if you could reach the 100 meter, I would say you are the champion. It is the running game, and you need to control your character by using QWOP keys on your keyboards. and play top best and most popular running game. Sprinter Game

In this difficult to play QWOP game, you are going to represent your country in Olympic. As the game is difficult to play, you should be much focused and very concise about moving your characters. If you missed any of the keys to move the thighs or calves of your characters, it will be unbalanced and fell down to give you a defeat in the game. try more running game like Run 3 and running fred

Play it qwop unblocked online

To play it online from this landed page, you need to tap on the play button. We have managed to provide you different running games and you can check all of them by exploring the running game portion.

You need to control the leg movement of your player in the game, and if you could control if you are going to win.  You need to maintain the smooth motion, the left leg and the right leg should be moved accordingly to maintain the smoothness of the character.

You must prevent your characters head from hitting the ground otherwise your race will be over there in a second.

If luckily you could finish the link, the milestone, you can start the next level of the game.

But, I want to share my personal experience related to QWOP game, I had never finished the first level of this game.

When you start playing this game very first time, it will seem impossible to move even an inch to your character. we Recommended thi game free to play: Happy wheels

If you could get to know the science behind the moving of the calves and thighs of the character, you would definitely go to the finish line once. 

Game Controls

Use QW to move the thighs and OP to move the calves in QWOP game.